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Randy Osborne will discuss a worldview based on conservative values while contrasting liberal ideas. He will discuss everything from politics, education, health, and news events. You may also watch podcast videos at

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2 days ago

Discussion with Luke Hilton about how a Nashville Hotel canceled an Israel summit hosted by "The Israel Guys" and more!
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Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Discussion State Representative Ryan Chamberlin asked why Florida banned social media companies from targeting children. Representative Chamberlin gives some concerning statistics and information on what content these companies use to target our children directly.
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Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

Prominent university presidents testify before Congress over the outbreak of antisemitism on college campuses. These statements were enlightening and frightening.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Discussion with Brigitte Smith concerning a Florida School Board that refused to consider a resolution to make a resolution supporting Israel and calling out the atrocities of the slaughter of innocent lives by Hamas. However, one board member has no problem marching with BLM, whose founder called for the destruction of Israel. 
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Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

There have been land disputes through generations about who owns a small territory called Israel. We will go back for 4000 years and find out who owns that land. Please follow worldview truth on Rumble and your favorite podcast platform.
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Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Hamas' supporters are launching a significant propagation campaign across the U.S. and the world. Americans are not recognizing Israel is at war to defeat their enemy, who committed crimes against humanity in the slaughter of innocent lives. Watch this important interview with Like Moon, Deputy Director for the Philos Project.
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Friday Oct 27, 2023

First-hand accounts with Israel Hall of apparent attacks against ministries who are ardent supporters of Israel. Is the US in full support of Israel, or is it in name only? Are they supporting or funding countries who want the destruction of Israel?
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Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Discuss with a former marine the vulnerability strategically and through government officials leaking information to terrorist governments. Is America safe, or should we be ready for an impending attack?

Hamas’ Attack on Israel

Monday Oct 09, 2023

Monday Oct 09, 2023

On October 10, 2023, Hamas attacked Israel by land, sea, and air, killing innocent families and raping women and children.  We will look at information from behind the scenes of this brutal attack and why the US needs to support Israel.
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Friday Oct 06, 2023

Colby Wiltse had enough of the skyrocketing crime in Corpus Christi and Nueces County, Texas, and decided to do something about it.  He filed a petition with the Court to have this rogue George Soros-funded biker gang DA removed from office. Listen to this incredible story of how one person can make a difference. 
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Randy Osborne

Randy Osborne is the President of Florida Eagle Forum and  has co-authored "Florida's Common Core Standards, Policy Analysis", and "Our Children at Risk". He has organized state-wide events and rallies including, "Operation Education" with David Barton in Orlando, FL., "Rally in Tally" events, and State Presidential initiatives. Randy has appeared on PBS Round Table, twice on Glenn Beck's, The Blaze, and has made weekly radio appearances on a central Florida Fox affiliate. He served two terms as Chairman of the Marion County Florida  Republican Party and is currently serving as the State Committeeman. He has extensive experience in campaign technologies while working on get-out-the-vote campaigns at the state and national levels.  Randy has developed an educational network with over 1200 churches across the State and has spoken in over 300 churches about various topics, including the Church's interaction with government and developing a biblical worldview. Randy served on Governor Rick Scott's Education Standards Task Force.

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